Yet Another Try is the thirty-fourth optional quest. It is acquired by talking to Izlude in Kalm after completing the quest Eidolon Challenge. Immediatly after talking to Izlude, the player must talk to the Brothers at Kalm's northern gate. Afterwards, they must meet them on the eastern peak of the Northern Mountains - the same place where the Brothers were faced for the first time during the quest Brothers. Once the player speaks to the Brothers there, the fight against them commences. Defeating both of them completes the quest and the player is rewarded with 5000 EXP, 4500 Gold and if they have completed the quest Tower of Summoning, they may now summon the Brothers there.

The Brothers are much stronger during this quest than they were before. They are now Levels 45 (Minotaur) and 40 (Sacred).

Completing the quest also makes the team "Brothers" in the Arena as strong as they were in this quest. Only this version of the team can be unlocked for the Battle Organizers.


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