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The Warring Triad are a superboss who are summoned by using the Magic God Token


The warring triad is made up of three members.

1) Demon (4773-5269 attack)

2) Goddess (4029-4252 attack)

3) Fiend (7795-8291 attack)

How to SummonEdit

This superboss must be summoned over three games.

You need to get three Aire Tam Enib Moc, which means you must max out all four elemental materias and place them on the obelisk three times. After you get these items, sell them to the Bazaar, and it will sell you Magic God Token. Use the Magic God Token and it will tell you that the triad awaits your challenge in the Arena.

Go to the arena and fight the Dimensional Cup. Fight until you get the Warring Triad team. This is the boss battle.


Demon has Firaja, Fire, Holy Fire, Hellfire (cone of fire), Firaga, Incinerate, and Solid Skill (spell immunity)

Goddess has Blessing of Light, War Bolt, Lightning Stab, Bolt, Thundaga, Ultima, and Solid Skin.

Fiend has Diamond Dust, Blizzard, Holy Freeze, Holy Explosion, Blizzaga, Ice, and Solid Skin


Chance(?) to drop the Cursed Elemental weapons they use. One for Fire, Ice, Thunder respectively. On Very Hard the drop rate was 100% over the course of 2 rounds (6 Enemies total, all dropped items)


Current map developers: Karifean, Rekieum, psxlover

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