Tournesol is one of the Legendary Weapons and requires that one have a class at level 99 in order for it to be equipped. It is acquired through the Bazaar.

*Caution : If you want to go full damage , i dont think tournesol is better than ultimate weapon or masamune or lion's heart. But it's good for defense as you got more armor and Block Chance.

Specifics Edit

This heavy sword is often considered the most destructive weapon in the universe.
Damage +150
Strength +50
Agility +50
Intelligence +50
Armor +28
Block Chance +30%

Creation Edit

FOREWARNING: The game tracks the number of ingredients you sell to the Bazaar; however, once the ingredient(s) hit a particular requirement to unlock any single item, those will be reset back to 0. So, to avoid any potential setbacks and headaches, it is strongly advised that one unlock each individual item precisely (i.e. selling the exact amount of items to unlock one single item).

Sell the following to unlock [Sunflower] - Tournesol from the Bazaar:

3x Empyreal Soul (1x Unique Ice Shard, 1x Wild Cry, 1x Soul Powder)

1x Wild Cry (2x Wendigo Claw, 3x Gnoll Head, 1x Tropical Essence)*
*This recipe will yield 2x Wild Cry.

1x Soul Powder
  2x Gas of Corruption
  1x Magic Scroll (2x Ancient Spirit, 2x Gran Grimoire Fake)
  1x Book of Suffering (2x Death Seeker, 1x Tome of Cursing, 1x Book of Death)

3x Serpent Gem (4x Lizard Skin, 3x Hydra Toxin, 3x Serpent Skin, 2x Damaged Turtle Tail)

3x Nethril (3x Enchanted Rock, 2x Barren's Sand)

Items Regions
12x Lizard Skin Barrens
6x Barrens' Sand Barrens
6x Death Seeker Northern Mountains
3x Tome of Cursing Northern Mountains
3x Book of Death Northern Mountains
6x Gnoll Head Northern Mountains, Farm
9x Enchanted Rock Farm
9x Hydra Toxin Central Islands
2x Tropical Essence Central Islands
9x Serpent Skin Naga Islands
6x Damaged Turtle Tail Naga Islands
6x Ancient Spirit Lothlorien Forest
6x Gas of Corruption Lothlorien Forest, Dark Dragon Marsh
4x Wendigo Claw Snowy Mountains
3x Unique Ice Shard Snowy Mountains
3x Gran Grimoire Fake

Nilrem, Setag, Battle Arena; Forest Cup (Nilrem)