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Time MageSquare
Tier III Mage Job
Time Mage
A spellcaster that controls time and space by toying with the laws of universe. Does he had control over his incredible abilities to slow or speed up time? Since in the past he accidentally teleport himself inside a wall, he still fear to use all his potential; even when we talk about meteor!
Primary Role / Secondary Role
Buffer / Nuker


Requirements: Chemist Lv8, Priest Lv5 [EditPurge]
Maxed Stats at Level 99 Primary Stat: Intelligence
Special Ability: Teleport (D)
Weapon: Staff (Magic)
Armor: Robe (Small)
Range: 500 Range
Attackspeed CD: 1.5 Second
Movement Speed: 240 MS
Experience Rate: 80%
Damage: (2-12) + 211
Defense: (-2) + AGI / 10
Health: (100) + 7,600
Mana: (0) + 5,415
Strength: 154
Agility: 154
Intelligence: 211
Time MageSquare
Time Mage
15 time mage

Current map developers: Karifean, Rekieum, psxlover

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