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Almighty Shinra is one of the hardest bosses in the game.


  • Level 99
  • Damage Holy 2529-2538
  • Armor 53
  • Strength 2251
  • Agility 2628
  • Intelligence 2516

How to SummonEdit

This will start a 600 second timer, and at the end of this, a cinematic will play.

After the cinematic you can face him in the battle arena at the third fight of the Dimensional Cup.
FFERpg - Strongest Shinra Battle

FFERpg - Strongest Shinra Battle

strongest shinra solo


Shinra has:

Haste - Level 5 (50%)

Speed Break - 90% slow

Ultima - 9999 DPS

Power Break - 50% damage reduction

Clione - Blizzard-based skill which deals approximately 30,000 damage per second. The tooltip reads: Calls a wave of blue-white pillars of Clione to crush Strongest Shinra's enemies.


Strongest Shinra drops a Hidden Hero Medicine, an artifact Accessory *( 0.9.4 Patch, If You spam left click to that accesorry, You will get 15stats/3s that will last for 60s , or you can say you'll get maximal additional 300stats as long as you keep spamming it), when killed the first time. It also unlocks him as a team in the battle organizer 4, however he drops nothing when done there.