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Knot of Rust (Q)Edit

Throws a knot of rust at the enemy, dealing damage based on the user's HP and stunning them for 3 seconds. Damage and cooldown increase with level. Costs 25 mana.

The damage inflicted is Magic damage of Siege attack type.

Additional Info

This is the Squire's primary damaging skill, and it can be quite potent if your HP are high. The formula to calculate damage is as follows:

$ (11 - sqrt(Rand((61 - ((ALVL) * 5)),120)) * (HP / 10) $

This means in practice that the ability will do a multiple of 10% of your current HP, with the chance for higher percentage getting lower at a fast rate. Also noteworthy is that this ability can never hit for more than 80% of your HP at Level 10 or below; only on Master level can this ability do damage equal to your HP.

Cooldown starts at 6 seconds and increases by 1.5 seconds per level up to 19.5 seconds at Level 10.

While the stun duration is 3 seconds for regular enemies, resistant enemies are only stunned for 2 seconds. Many strong bosses are also immune to being stunned in general.

On Master level, cooldown is decreased to 15 seconds, stun duration is increased to 4 seconds and MP cost is reduced to 20.

Wish (W) Edit

Converts all MP to HP, gaining HP equal to 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 times used MP.

Cooldown is 10 seconds at all levels.

MP to HP conversion increases by 50% every level, reaching 6 times used MP at Master level.

Additional Info

While this ability is not very useful near the beginning of the game due to the Squire's low MP pool, it's staggeringly good later on since none of the Squire's abilities have an increase in MP cost, making this the only real use for his MP. With some MP boosting gear it can easily be a full recovery. The downside is that using it reduces your MP to zero regardless of how much HP you actually recover with it, so it must not be used prematurely lest you waste a lot of MP.

Accumulate (E)Edit

Boosts damage by 15/30/45/60/75 for 25 seconds. Costs 55 mana.

Cooldown is 25 seconds at all levels.

Damage bonus increases by 15 per ability level until it finally jumps up to 200 at Master level.

Additional Info

A very useful skill for a very long time, Accumulate simply boosts your damage. It allows for quick dispatching of random enemies in the early stages of the game, but it stops being particularly useful later on.

Move Plus (Passive)Edit

Increases movement speed by 30/35/40/45/50 %.

Movement speed bonus starts at 30% and increases by 5% per level, but jumps up to 100% at Master level.

Additional Info

A very handy ability to have, Move Plus simply passively increases your movement speed. Thanks to this ability the Squire is very resistant to enemies that reduce movement speed, and it also allows him to use the Adamant Armor without too much of a drawback.

Sentinel (T)Edit

Gives the ability to put Squire in Sentinel Stance, in which he only has 30%/35%/40% speed and only deals 40%/45%/50% damage, but has a 25%/37%/50% to reflect piercing attacks, otherwise blocking them, and reduces magic damage by 40%/48%/56%.

Speed and damage reduction are lessened by 5% every level until at Master level the ability finally only has a 40% speed reduction and 30% damage reduction. On the other hand, the chance to reflect piercing attacks increases by 12.5% per level until Master puts it at 90%. Finally, magic damage reduction increases by 8% per level until it reaches a staggering 85% at Master level.

Additional Info

Sentinel is a strong but situational defensive ability. It greatly reduces the Squire's damage output but its major good points are a total immunity to piercing attacks as well as a massive resistance to magic. Many enemies can be completely trivialized by using this ability.

Defend (Passive)Edit

Has a 33% chance to block a melee physical attack.

Simple damage reduction against a lot of enemies with no drawbacks whatsoever. A thoroughly useful natural ability.


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