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Shiva summon Shiva, Goddess of Ice is an Eidolon that can be summoned by the Summoner. See also Dark Eidolon


Shiva can be summoned by a Summoner level 3 or higher and costs 400 MP initially while lasting 80 seconds and having a 180 seconds cool-down. From the start Shiva has Frost Attack slowing the movement- and attack speed of who or whatever she hits as well as Solid Skin.

While the duration stays the same the cost and cool-down decreases from 400 to 375 / 350 / 325 / 300 MP and from 180 to 160 / 140 / 120 / 100 MP respectively.

On skill level 4 Shiva gains Diamond Dust dealing 450 damage to enemies in a cone's shaped area and costing 100 MP each use; the cool-down is about 1 second.

With a level 99 Summoner Shiva has 904-912 magic damage, 5 points of heavy armor backed by 21100 HP and 6000 MP.


Shiva is a powerful entity encountered in some form in nearly every Final Fantasy game since the third. For further information see the inofficial Final Fantasy wikia.

According to Minotaur and Sacred, Leviathan and Typhon both have a crush on her.


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