Hidden Bosses are bosses that take a lot of effort to set up and kill. The means to summoning these bosses is typically difficult and requires some research. They typically drop powerful items not obtainable elsewhere.

Secret area - bottom right

Carried there using a white Chocobo

List of BossesEdit

Penance, or the Judge/Der Richter is a secret boss who is summoned by placing Perfect Mark of Darkness in the right location.

Strongest Shinra is a secret boss who is summoned by doing all arena cups and Shinra's Plan.

Eden is summoned by completing Tiara of the Deep and killing Ultima Weapon.

Ultima Weapon is summoned by completing Dimensional Connections

Omega Weapon is summoned by killing Ultima Weapon

Odin is summoned by completing the puzzle found in the Mystery Note.

Warring Triad is summoned with the Magic God Token

Gilgamesh 2 is summoned using the Ring of Darkness

Judge Magisters are summoned by killing GIlgamesh 2

Split Devil is summoned in the Arena, after finding Loz, Kadaj, and Yazoo.


Odin Materia, Hidden Hero Medicine, Ultimate Weapon, and Zodiac Escutcheon are obtained from the secret bosses listed above.


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