Save Nimphrodel is the twenty-first optional quest. It is obtained by talking to Kenarius who is located at the portal of the Ancient Forest. You are first asked to look for his daughter, Nimphrodel, who was kidnapped by centaurs. The player can find her in the northwest corner Barrens together with the centaur Batu. Talking to her will reveal that she was never kidnapped at all, but rather ran off with Batu, her lover, liberally. The player must now find Nimphrodel's sister Undomiel in Lothlorien, who was supposed to tell Kenarius of her sister's actions. When the player talks to her about it, Undomiel reveals that she was the one who originally dated Batu, but then Nimphrodel ran off with him so she felt betrayed and told her father that she had been kidnapped, hoping he would kill Batu. Undomiel then asks them to kill Satyr Farseer and get the Crystal Ball for unknown reasons and the player agrees if she promises to tell her father what she had done. Bringing her Crystal Ball complete the quest, as Undomiel says she already had to confess to her father when he wanted to run off to the Barrens to find her himself. The player is rewarded with 2500 EXP and 5000 Gold and can now buy Charm Gloves at the Ancient of Wonders.

After completing the quest, Kenarius and Nimphrodel get Common Talk speech bubbles. Kenarius says he still loves his daughters despite their actions and Nimphrodel talks about her plans with Batu.


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