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Ro'Gall The Ogre Crusher can be found in the middle of Northern Mountain region. He is one of the toughness mini boss with his high hp, for New Adventurers if you wish to fight this boss, you have to be tank enough to face him.

Ro'gall's Stats Edit

  • Level 30
  • 113 - 123 (+145) Normal Damage
  • 4 (+20) Heavy Armor
  • Strength 111 (+45)
  • Agility 54
  • Intelligence 58

Ro'gall's Item Edit

  • Crusher's Mace
  • Babarian's Helmet
  • Fur Armor
  • Crusher's Belt
  • Hi-Potion
  • X-Potion

Ro'gall's Ability Edit

  • Wave Fist
  • Armor Break
  • Stone Skin
  • Multistrike
  • Avatar Of Amarant

Ro'gall's Drop Edit

He will drop Crusher's Mace, Mark of the Claw and a Crystal Shard. See Cursed Gear.

Ro'gall is One of the Four boss require to kill in order to make Magic Vault become vulnerable to obtain Magic Urn.


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