Naisha is the seventeenth optional quest. It can be acquired by talking to Naisha in Kalm, who is only visible during daytime. Upon obtaining the quest, Naisha joins the Allies team and can be freely controlled. The objective of the quest is to safely escort Naisha to Lothlorien. Naisha is rather weak but has the ability Join Fast which makes this quest easy as long as you don't expose Naisha to too much danger. If her HP fall below 100, she instantly teleports back to Kalm to heal her wounds for two minutes. During this time, she is uncontrollable and stationary at the resurrection stone. However, if she outright dies, the quest is failed. Safely escorting her to near Galadriel in Lothlorien completes the quest and you get 1500 Gold and 1500 EXP.

If you successfully complete the quest, the team 'Elune's Huntress' is unlocked for the Ningen Cup. It stays locked if the player fails the quest.


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