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Lost Memories is an optional quest in Lothlorien. It is obtained From A Night Elf archer NPC named "Relm" in the bottom right corner of Lothlorien, after completing the Night Elves, and having previously hired Shadow the mercenary. After a fair amount of sass, Relm asks the player to help her find her Father whom she had lost contact with, by giving him a Memento ring that will glow in his presence. The objective of the quest is to find her father and give him the ring. The father turns out to be none other than Shadow. It is highly advised to immediately go get the quest right after hiring shadow, and then give him the ring because he is difficult to find otherwise, hanging out in Random areas of the map.

The completion of this quest unlocks the "The Lone Mercenary" Fight in the Ningen Cup of the Battle Arena which has a chance to yield the curse scrolls for the Genji Set

Bad Ending Edit

How Unlock This Ending Steps

1-Later End Night Elves Quests Hire Shadow

2-Wait A few seconds And Take Relm Quest 

3-Later Finish Talk Give The Ring Item Quest To Shadow And He Start Lie to you about Relm's Father Later Finish Talk Shadow Left The Party and the quests is completed.

Shadow Free

Rewards When The Quest Is Completed

1-Gold 20900 Experience 3000

2-Shadow Now Can Be Hire Free when you meet him again in the map.

Shadow Memento Ring E

3-Unlock Shadow in Ningen Cup with the name The Lone Mercenary When he is defeat Drop 1 Random Curse Scroll Genji Set, 1 Ramdon Genji Set.

Note The Memento Ring now becomes part of the team In shadow Inventory

Good Ending Edit

First we need to transform the ring from a 'quest item' to an 'artifact accessory'. This is accomplished by failing the quest.


1- Complete the 'Night Elves Quest' and hire Shadow

2- Wait A few seconds And Take Relm Quest 

3- When Relm gives The Ring Quest Item kill Shadow with friendly fire (a message will say 'Shadow leaves the party') 

Okey Now How Shadow is dead go and talk again with Relm But First Equip With The Ring Quest Item  

Now Relm say you what the ring lost all the glow and later talk she give The Memento Ring Artifact Accessory Nice The Quests Is Failes But is Nevermind 

4-Now Saved the Memento Ring Artifact Accessory anywhere either in your inventory or gaya 

Memento Ring Item Quest

5-Start And New Game And Load Your Character With the Memento Ring Artifact Accessory  

Memento Ring Artifact Accessory

6-Later End Night Elves Quests Hire Shadow 

7-First Equip in your primary inventary the Memento Ring Artifact Accessory Before of Take Relm Quest 

8-Now The Dialoge Change Relm Ask You Where find this Ring Because It is identical to that she has later talk Relm Give The Memento Ring Quest Item 

9-Give The Ring Item Quest To Shadow He Start again liying about relm father but how the ring now start glowing later one large large conversation  

Shadow finally say the true and He acknowledges he is the father relm and and it stays on Lothlorien with Relm 

Shadow And Relm

10-Now Talk With Relm for end the quests She is grateful to you and now can see a new item in Anciente Of Wonders The IG(Interceptor Guard) One Gift by Relm  

IG Artifact Shield

Rewards When The Quest Is Completed 

Gold 30000 Experience 9000 

Interceptor Guard In Anciente Of Wonders 

Note Shadow Cant Be hire because he is now with relm.  


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