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There are four types of equipment: Weapons, Armor, Helmets, Shields and Accessories. Each character may equip only one of each type.

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Artifacts are unique items. They are usually more powerful that normal ones, but not always.
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All equipment have Level requirements. It shows what Max Level player must have in order to equip item. You can see your Max Level in Multi board next to your Current Job Level after a slash(/). Max Level is the greatest level you have achieved in all jobs.

Equipment are not job specific (meaning even wizard may use sword) but some items are better for certain jobs (wizard will benefit more from carrying a wand rather than sword).
Note: Shield's block value doesn't stack with any "Evasion" abilities.

Items may not be shared with other players after either using "-save" with them or loading them from a saved code.


Current map developers: Karifean, Rekieum, psxlover

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AccessoriesArmorHelmetsShieldsWeaponsCursed GearMateria

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