Elmdor, the Corrupted Samurai is a quest boss after obtain Kill Elmdor from Biggs. He is located west of the Northern Mountains teleporter with some rock chunks blocking. As for new adventurers, beware of his Katanasoubi(Blade Fury) ability.

Elmdor's Stats Edit

  • Level 11
  • 42 - 64 (+30) Normal Damage
  • 2 (+22) Heavy Armor
  • Strength 39 (+6)
  • Agility (+10)
  • Intelligence 38

Elmdor's Item Edit

  • Fake Masamune
  • Mithril Helmet
  • Mithril Mail
  • Sprint Shoes
  • Hi-Potion
  • Turbo Ether

Elmdor's Ability Edit

  • Attack Speed Plus
  • Move Speed Plus
  • Ice
  • Poisoned Dagger
  • Mineuchi
  • Battle Frenzy
  • Katanasoubi

Elmdor's Drop Edit

He will always drop his Fake Masamune weapon.


Current map developers: Karifean, Rekieum, psxlover

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