Fferpg diablos


Diablos is a Super Boss who is summoned using the Black Hole.


  • Level 75
  • 573-741 Damage
  • 53 Armor
  • Strength 489
  • Agility 550
  • Intelligence 696

How to Summon

Diablos is not available on Very Easy difficulty.

Complete the Dimension Connections quest, then take a chocobo into the portal or use red chocobo bring you into the portal. Dig up the Black Hole by using a dead pepper on your chocobo.

Black Hole

Drop the Black Hole on the Ring of Darkness (bottom right section of the map which requires a white chocobo to access).


Diablos has: Slow Lvl 10,Disable,Attack Speed Plus Lvl 10


Diablos Materia.

Diablos Materia

Current map developers: Karifean, Rekieum, psxlover

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