Destroy Hashmalum is the eighth and second-to-last quest of the main storyline. It is obtained by talking to Celeborn two minutes after completing the previous quest, Kill Gafgarion. Upon acquiring this quest, both gates to the Snowy Mountain area are opened, allowing access to every part of said area. Hashmalum himself, who is the target enemy of this quest, is located in the southern part of the Snowy Mountain area, accessible through the Barrens. Once Hashmalum's HP fall below 7500, he summons Velius to his assistance who immediatly heals him completely. Velius must be killed before Hashmalum, as every time Hashmalum's HP drop below 7500, Velius will keep healing him completely unless he is dead. Once Hashmalum is defeated the player receives 5000 EXP and 5000 Gold and Ao Madoushi stops channeling. The player can talk to him to acquire the ninth quest of the main storyline, Manifestation of Evil.


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