Defiled Fountain is the twenty-third optional quest. It can be acquired by talking to Feanor in Lothlorien. Feanor asks the player to find reagents, three in total, to perform a ritual to purify the defiled Fountain of Restoration. The first item to be found and brought back to him is the Satyr's Hoof, which is dropped with a 33% chance by all of the Satyrs in the Ancient Forest. After that, Feanor wants you to bring him the Thunderbloom Bulb from the Barrens. A "Tempest Wyrm" spawns ontop of the plant, so you can either lure it away or just kill it. After bringing him Thunderbloom Bulb, Feanor asks the player the bring him one final reagent: the Scroll of Rejuvenation, which has a 20% chance to be dropped by wizards in the Northern Mountains. Bringing it to Feanor will prompt him to purify the Fountain of Restoration, making it have the same healing aura as the Houses in Kalm, and also reward you with 1200 EXP and 1800 Gold. You can now also buy the Dragon Wand in the Ancient of Wonders as well as fill the Empty Vial from the Healing Water quest.


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