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Darianius the Vampire, is a Vampire boss that is need destroy Tome of Warding in order for him to appear locate around middle of Northern Mountain region. The Tome of Warding has Vampiric Aura that benefit melee creeps life steal. If Darianius attack once he appear 10 ghoul will spawn surround the person he attacks, however if he dies too quickly the ghoul will not appear. Darianius is the only mini boss that hold 2 weapon (like Ninja class).


  • Level 15
  • 57 - 67 (+98) Normal Damage
  • 1 (+4) Heavy Armor
  • Strength 55 (+13)
  • Agility 30
  • Intelligence 81


  • Unholy Claw
  • Dark Claw
  • Headgear of the Damned
  • Wizard's Robe
  • Book of Knowledge
  • Hi-Potion


  • Vampiric Aura
  • Drunken Brawler
  • Poisoned Dagger
  • Wave Fist

Darianius's Drops Edit

Darianius will drop Unholy Claw or Dark Claw and a Crystal Shard, there's a chances that Darianius will drop both Claw. See also Cursed Gear

Darianius is One of the Four boss require to kill in order to make Magic Vault become vulnerable to obtain Magic Urn.

If Darianius is killed, you may now near the Tomb to obtain the Death Seeker.

If Darianius is Defeated, you may now fight him in Battle Arena as "The Sacred Tomb", His items in arena is remain as same as original.


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