How to CreateEdit

Cursed gear can be created at Lady Curse if you hold a cursing scroll and its corresponding equipment. It is not required to complete the Annoying Monster quest in order to curse gear, but it is required to buy any of the Shop Scrolls.

Lady curse merchandise

Version 0.93

Shop ScrollsEdit

Name Level Dmg / Armor Speed (ms) Stats HP MP Additional Effects
Crusher's Mace E Lv 23 150 DM -30 AGI
Dark Bow B Lv 22 50 DM 40% Speed 25 AGI -10/s REG Rapid Fire DMG x2
Dark Claw C Lv 14 75 DM 25 STR -5/s REG
Fel Axe O Lv 34 170 DM -10 AGI/INT
Unholy Claw O Lv 16 50 DM 30% Speed 25 STR -5/s REG
Unholy Shield P Lv 24 -50% ms 15 Stats 50% REG 30% Physical block
Necklace of the necromancer E Lv 23 -10 AGI 60 INT -1,000 Mana
Crusher's Belt N Lv 15 50 STR -50 INT +40/s REG
Barbarian's Helmet R Lv 28 6500 HP -1,500 Mana
Heady Pipe H Lv 50 -100 AR -25 AGI Active 800 Mana/100s

Secret ScrollsEdit

Name Level Dmg - Armor Speed Stats HP MP Additional Effects Location
Masamune C Lv 99 150 DM 50% 25 STR
75 AGI
60 INT
20% x3 Crit GilgameshII, Shadow
Genji Shield L Lv 91 60 AR 75 AGI -50 INT 45% physical block,
33% magic DM resistance
GilgameshII, Shadow
Genji Mask Y Lv 94 30 AR 75 AGI 9,000 HP -2,000 MP GilgameshII, Shadow
Genji Armor D Lv 91 80 AR  -25 STR

75 AGI -50 INT

4,500 HP,

20/s REG

GilgameshII, Shadow
Ensanguined Shield (Cursed Zodiac Escutcheon) Lv 90 500 AR -500 HP/s REG 85% Physical Block Dark Eden
Fire Wand K Lv 75 -50 DM -25 AGI

100 INT

1,000 MP,

+100% REG

Fire- magic+ Warring Triad's Demon
Ice Wand U Lv 75 -50 DM -25 AGI

100 INT

1,000 MP,

+100% REG

Ice- magic+ Warring Triad's Fiend
Thunder Wand J Lv 75 -50 DM -25 AGI 100 INT 1,000 MP,

+100% REG

Thunder- magic+ Warring Triad's Goddess
Staff of the Magi A Lv 95 -100 DM -100 INT 4,000 MP,

+100% REG

Fire- Ice- Thunder- magic+ Buried on an island south of Omega Weapon

Note : Stats and description use abbreviation.

Trivia Edit

The letters of the cursed equipment, when put in the correct order, spell out references to Final Fantasy games.

  • The Shop Scrolls spell out NECROPHOBE if you order the equipment by the difference in level requirement between the original gear and the cursed variant. It is a reference to a Necromancer boss in Final Fantasy V.
  • The elemental staves spell out KUJA, which is a reference to a strong spellcaster and major antagonist in Final Fantasy IX.
  • Shadow's ultimate equipment, which includes the Masamune C, the cursed Genji gear, and the Memento Ring E, spells out CLYDE in their order of appearance in Shadow's inventory. This references Shadow's true name in Final Fantasy VI.
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