Arcanium is the thirteenth optional quest. It can be obtained at any point by talking to Bali Forgefire in the northeastern corner of the Barrens. The objective of the quest is to find a rare material called Arcanium and bring it to Bali. Unfortunately, Bali can give no hint to where Arcanium is located, so the player must find it themselves. It can be found in the western part of the Northern Mountains, behind some rocks. Picking it up will spawn two Bloodstone Golems which attack the player immediatly. Bringing the artifact back to Bali will complete the quest and reward all players with 750 EXP and 2000 Gold. As an additional reward, Bali's Forge now sells some artifacts: The Save The Queen, the Excalibur, the Grand Helmet and Gandalf's Pipe of Insight. Bali also mentions that should the player happen to find a rare material, they should please bring it to him.

Mae'chen also gives information about Arcanium for 400 Gold while this quest is activated. The information tells the player a vague location where to find it and also warns them about the Bloodstone Golems.

There is a Common Talk Event in Kalm that tells where to find Arcanium as well. There is a swordsman talking to a woman in the northern part of Kalm and approaching them will make them talk about an 'old mine in the Northern Mountains, where people lucky enough could even find Arcanium'.

Exactly 10 minutes after completing this quest, an article will appear in the Kalm News where Bali tells of the ingredients required to forge the Masamune sword in the Bazaar. This article will not appear if Wedge has already retired from work at this point.

After completing the quest you can unlock 2 more items for the Forge. Selling 1 Adamantite to Bali's Forge will cause him to create the Adamant Armor. Likewise, you can also create the Assassin's Dagger by selling him 1 Scarletite. Bali thanks the player upon being given either treasure and four minutes later, a message appears telling of a new artifact at Bali's Forge - either the Adamant Armor or the Assassin's Dagger. Both items can only be created once per game.


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